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Introduction to ordabok.is
Electronic dictionaries
The website http://www.ordabok.is contains electronic dictionaries, which means dictionaries that are used on a computer. There are two different formats to choose from, on one hand a web-based dictionary and on the other a stand-alone Windows application called Tlvuorabkin which is covered in detail here.

The current page will present what the web-based format has to offer. But here you can find a comparison between Tlvuorabkin and the web-based format.
What are the dictionaries?
The dictionaries offered are English-Icelandic, Icelandic-English, Danish-Icelandic, Icelandic-Danish, in addition to a Spelling dictionary.
The users have access to the dictionaries through subscription. The website offers several different subscription periods, from one month to 48 months. It should be noted that the service is web-based and does not require the user to download any software or data files.

There are two kinds of subscription packages. One is for individuals and families and includes a licence for up to 3 users. Many small companies will also find that this is all they need. The other package is for companies that need access for more than 3 users. This costs more, of course, but cost per user gradually decreases with more licences purchased.

The dictionary website is very easy and straightforward to use and is well suited for people of all ages. The subscriber can log in to the dictionary on a total of three computers, making it ideal for home use where the whole family can enjoy the service.

The website ordabok.is is very convenient and flexible for organisations of any size. Users can enjoy the website at work, and each one may log in to the dictionary on 3 different computers but still using only one licence. This means that the user can use it on his or her desktop computer, on the laptop, at home etc., without any extra charge. Companies that take out a subscription for a large portion of their employees, can get an IP address subscription which means that users don't have to log in with access codes. This is very convenient, both for users and system administrators. Of course, the access codes can still be used when logging into the dictionary away from the workplace.

Access is provided at extremely fair prices for all elementary schools and colleges in Iceland that have a dedicated IP-address. Students and staff therefore enjoy free and unlimited access to the dictionary within the school's network range.

Starting a subscription
Anyone wishing to subscribe to ordabok.is can visit this page to start the subscription. Companies that wish to get price information please click here.

The subscriber will receive his or her access codes immediately via email, and can log in and begin using it in a matter of minutes. Once the subscriber has logged in for the first time he doesn't have to repeat that process again, on that computer, unless of course the cookie for the dictionary is deleted. Should the access codes be forgotten or lost, it's easy to retrieve them through this page.

In the case of an organisation, once the administrator gets the email with the access codes he or she then proceeds to forward them to all the users that are to be granted access. Everyone at the organisation shares the same user name and password for the dictionary.

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