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25,000 new headwords
March 29 2018
25,000 new headwords and 24,000 new definitions have been added to the ordabok.is website Those are mainly new and recent additions to Icelandic and were mainly compiled from news media.
March 29 2018
Mlfar 2018 for Outlook
December 12 2017
Ordabok.is has released Mlfar 2018 for Outlook for the first time, which is a spell-checker for Microsoft Outlook. It shares a lexicon and spell-checking with Mlfar for Word. For further details, please click here.

Mlfar 2018 for Word
September 3 2017
Ordabok.is has released Mlfar 2018 for Word which is a new version of the popular spell-checker. It's a greatly improved version from the 2013 version. For further details, please click here.

Phrase search
April 8 2016
Ordabok.is can now search for phrases when a user enters a phrase into the search box. Phrases are a very important part of the language. The phrase search should expedite search when looking for phrases.

Free access opening
April 1 2016
Ordabok.is opened free of charge for an indefinite period. The aim is to offer ad placements on the website.

Access to 70,000 new headwords
March 13 2013
Ordabok.is has now started to use the results from its own search engine specialized to find words and their meanings from trusted sources. These results give access to over 70,000 new headwords that ordabok.is didn't offer before. Ordabok.is consequently gives access to a total of almost 300,000 English and Icelandic headwords.

In addition to this, more than 85,000 extra links have been added to the trusted sources for words that already existed within the ordabok.is dictionaries, often representing a different translation or a synonym or a translation within a specific context or at least an authentication that ordabok.is is indeed offering the correct translation. The sources that were "crawled" are Orabanki slenskrar mlstvar and Hugtakasafn ingamistvar utanrkisruneytis. Copyright issues are of course observed and ordabok.is therefore only displays a link to the word or term in question, very much like the way it's done on search engines like Google.
20,000 new definitions
July 4 2012
More than 20,000 new definitions have been added to the English-Icelandic and Icelandic-English dictionaries. A great many entries have also been divided into numbered items based on different meaning and usage so as to make it easier to pick the right word. It's also worth noting that suggestions by users have now found their way into the dictionaries, beginning with several hundred of these in this installment.
Chrome extension
March 3 2012
A Chrome extension has been developed for ordabok.is which enables users to use right-click in Chrome to look up words with ordabok.is. This capability has been available in Firefox and Internet Explorer for several years and of course the many users of Chrome deserve the same functionality. The extension works for both Windows Chrome and Macintosh Chrome.

To install the extension please select Web Extension from the left sidebar on the ordabok.is front page.
Search code improvements
February 9 2012
The search code behind ordabok.is has now been overhauled and improved. The improvements mainly cover two aspects: First, the dictionary is now much more likely to find what the user is searching for, even if his typing contains some spelling errors. Before these improvements, the code could only resolve one such error. A good example of the new capacity is the word beggining which contains two errors to which the improved dictionary search responds with several choices including the word beginning. Secondly, the way search results are displayed has changed somewhat. More words are listed in the word list at the left and if a complete match is found in the Icelandic-English dictionary, it's displayed above a possible worse match from the English-Icelandic dictionary. The same goes for the Icelandic-Danish dictionary. Finally an option for a more thorough search is now available at the top of the search results.
VAT reduced on ordabok.is
November 1 2011
New laws on the reduction of value-added tax on electronic content, such as electronic books and music have taken effect. This also applies to electronic dictionaries. The VAT goes from 25.5% to 7%. All subscription prices at ordabok.is will therefore be reduced, as of today. A 12 months subscription, for example, will go from SK 2,500 to SK 2,090.
Botany and more
May 2 2011
Several thousand new headwords have recently been added to the English-Icelandic and Icelandic-English dictionaries at ordabok.is, chiefly in the fields of botany, geology, medicine and housebuilding. The first is actually a separate botanical dictionary and part of it has also been added to the Danish dictionaries. In this dictionary all plants are identified by their latin names, in addition to their Icelandic, English and Danish names where appropriate The latin names have also been added to the dictionaries as distinct headwords, thereby enabling users to search for plants by those names, i.e. their latin names.
Improvements to ordabok.is
November 14 2010
The website has finally gotten a much-awaited overhaul. The layout of the search results is now better in a number of ways. To begin with, the list of words at the left now shows full headwords instead of truncating them with three periods. The name of the dictionary for each word is now on top of the headword, in small print. The annotation feature now lets you annotate Danish words, as well as letting you annotate even though you have selected the English user interface. The dictionary utilizes the screen better by displaying the page in proportional sections so that the word list, for example, gets wider if the browser window is set at full screen. The search term is not deleted if the user goes between operations, for example from Inflections to Home. All this represents a fairly extensive and complex range of changes to the website and users are asked to watch for any unusual incidents while using the new interface. If there are problems or questions, everyone is welcome to contact ordabok.is with their issues.
Tlvuorabkin 2011
October 6 2010
Tlvuorabkin 2011 has been released with several important new features. It contains 30,000 new headwords, i.e. 15,000 in the English-Icelandic dictionary and 15,000 in the Icelandic-English one. The new release has undergone some changes to the interface. The splash screen has been removed, which makes the program start up faster. It is now possible to listen to the pronunciation of English and Danish words, for which a new button, Hlusta, is used. Finally a new Spelling Dictionary has been added to the program which shows the inflexion of words and helps spell words correctly.

Here you can find further information on the software package.
Tlvuorabkin 2009, Service Pack 9.1
April 9 2010
A new version of Tlvuorabkin 2009, Service Pack 9.1, has been released. It contains 20,000 new headwords, i.e. 10,000 in the English-Icelandic dictionary and 10,000 in the Icelandic-English one. No updates or changes were made to the software itself at this time.

Service Pack 9.1 is available for free for those that already have Tlvuorabkin 2008 or 2009.
Credit Card Acceptance
March 24 2010
Ordabok.is now accepts credit cards. All major credit cards are accepted in an easy and effortless payment process on the website. One of the advantages of using a credit card for payment is that one's access to the website clears immediately after payment is completed. Credit cards have not been accepted on ordabok.is since 2004. Very few used credit cards for purchases at ordabok.is back then, but it will be revealing to see if that's changed. The ordabok.is credit card processing is hosted with Borgun hf. and goes through their secure payment gateway.
Word suggestions
March 5 2010
It's fairly common that users don't know exactly how to spell the word that they're looking for. Ordabok.is has several ways to allow for some errors and has recently added new technology that goes farther, with which the website is able to produce the appropriate suggestions in most cases. The user can then click on one of the suggestions to view the definition.
Through the 100,000 headwords barrier
February 26 2010
The English-Icelandic and Icelandic-English dictionaries at ordabok.is have now reached and surpassed the 100,000 headwords target. These are the first dictionaries of their kind to break this barrier. The headwords now number 200,000 in total, up from about 150,000 headwords, so this enlargement accounts for 1/3 in increase or 50,000 headwords. And these dictionaries have now doubled in size since they were first published.

The new headwords greatly increase the amount of modern vocabulary in the dictionaries, and continues the strategy of continually updating them with words from modern language.

The addition was based on word frequency research done at ordabok.is. The 25,000 most common words in Icelandic missing from the dictionaries were given to a few professional translators who then translated them to their corresponding English terms.

The addition is already present in the dictionaries at http://www.ordabok.is and it will also be offered for the dictionary program Tlvuorabkin.

The project received a grant from Nskpunarmist slands (Innovation Center Iceland).
Tlvuorabkin 2009
November 23 2009
Tlvuorabkin 2009 has been released. A new Danish-Icelandic and Icelandic-Danish dictionary is included in the package, with a total of 45,000 headwords, as an experimental edition. These dictionaries will be expanded later and sold separately after that. In addition the English-Icelandic and Icelandic-English dictionaries are included as before. And if the user owns the Danish-Icelandic dictionary which was published for Tlvuorabkin a few years back, he can also still use that one. Help pages for Tlvuorabkin have now been put on the ordabok.is and they can be easily accessed from within the program. Tlvuorabkin 2009 is compatible with Windows 7, as well as earlier Windows versions. Tlvuorabkin 2009 is free for those who own Tlvuorabkin 2008.
1,039 new headwords
April 10 2009
1,039 new headwords have been added to ordabok.is. The additions are almost evenly divided between the Icelandic-English and English-Icelandic dictionaries and belong to various categories. Some are of a general nature and are rather rare. Others are mostly terms that have to do with the current affairs, such as words from economics, financial and business matters, politics and the energy sector, along with words that pertain to the economic crisis.
First Icelandic spelling dictionary on the web
March 24 2009
A new advanced spelling dictionary has been released on ordabok.is. It's safe to say that it marks a turning point for the publication of this kind of works for Icelandic.

The spelling dictionary offers various features that make it surpass traditional printed dictionaries of this kind. Instead of showing, for example, only word endings for inflections it gives full inflected words. If a user misspells a word in the search box, it won't matter in most cases because the dictionary anticipates certain common errors and displays the correct spelling in red type. When the user is unsure of a spelling, for example if he doesn't know whether to write "sn" or "sn" he can just enter either word and the spelling dictionary will show him which word he intended to use. The spelling dictionary will be included with subscriptions to ordabok.is for a while.
Danish-Icelandic and Icelandic-Danish dictionary at ordabok.is
September 7 2008
A Danish-Icelandic and Icelandic-Danish dictionary has now been released at ordabok.is, containing approximately 45.000 headwords. The dictionary will bridge a gap in dictionaries for these language pairs, by providing a reference that's more than simply a pocket dictionary while at the same time meeting modern demands for vocabulary range and grammar details. The dictionary will be updated and expanded in the next few months.

ordabok.is can handle Icelandic word forms
July 31 2008
With the latest update of the dictionary engine at ordabok.is it is now able to find the base form of inflected Icelandic words. In the past users have had to enter the base form in order for the website to display the entry for that word. Now users no longer have to surmise the base form (which can be hard for beginners in Icelandic); they can simply enter the word as it appears to them, for example on a web page. To find the translation definitions for the word "farsmarnir", just enter "farsmarnir" and ordabok.is will find the base form "farsmi" and display the entry. This is the same technology that the dictionary program Tlvuorabkin has featured for more than 10 years. Earlier this year the technology for English words was also incorporated into ordabok.is.

New subscription option
August 9 2007
The latest subscription option is a 9 months subscription period which is designed for students who typically don't need the dictionary for the entire year. To make the most economic use of this option it is best to start the subscription at the beginning of the school year. If it is started in August the subscription system will automatically add 30 days to the period so that it will last throughout the school year.
Dictionary additions
June 20 2007
Approximately 3,000 new headwords have now been added to the ordabok.is dictionaries. These are words of many different kinds, e.g. from the fishing industry, politics, economics, genetics and daily life. In addition to that, there are also some corrections of errors and typos. Most of these have been brought to our attention by sharp-eyed users and we'd like to extend to them our warmest thanks for being so alert and thoughtful.

The subscription system deployed
April 1 2002
The subscription system for http://www.ordabok.is was deployed. Two subscription options were offered, a 6 months subscription for SK 1,500 and a 12 months subscription for SK 2,500.

The website ordabok.is launched
October 31 2001
The webseite http://www.ordabok.is was launched, the first of its kind in Iceland. The website was free of charge. Total number of headwords in the English-Icelandic and Icelandic-English dictionary was about 100.000 and the lexicons were the same as used in Tlvuorabkin from Alnet and Ml og menning.

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