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Big and modern dictionary
Welcome to ordabok.is, a handy website for students and business alike. The large and powerful dictionaries are incredibly affordable. The website contains the following dictionaries:
English-Icelandic, Icelandic-English, Danish-Icelandic, Icelandic-Danish and a Spelling Dictionary.

Ordabok.is is exceptionally easy to use, and very powerful at the same time. You can use it on your computer, your tablet and your smartphone, so it can follow you anywhere you go.

What can the dictionary do for you?
Ordabok.is is provides much more search speed than a traditional printed dictionary - probably about 10 times faster. It will therefore make you more efficient at work or study. It also contains a much larger vocabulary than a traditional dictionary does. It features a number of study tools, such as the ability to annotate, practise conjugations, view inflections and listen to pronunciation.
The dictionaries
The dictionaries on this website are:
skriftarslu htt
skriftarslu a ordabok.is hefur veri htt. a er gert til a einfalda rekstur og auvelda frekari uppbyggingu vefsvinu snara.is. skriftir sem enn eru virkar munu a sjlfsgu virka fram ordabok.is.


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