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Big and modern dictionary
This website features an English-Icelandic and Icelandic-English dictionary with 350,000 headwords. It was originally the first electronic dictionary to be published in Iceland and later became the first online English-Icelandic and Icelandic-English dictionary.
The dictionary has seen continuous development ever since day one and it has grown to be bigger and more powerful with each year. Special emphasis has been on reflecting the diverse world of human activities and knowledge with a modern vocabulary.
What can the dictionary do for you?
Ordabok.is is provides much more search speed than a traditional printed dictionary - probably about 10 times faster. It will therefore make you more efficient at work or study. It also contains a much larger vocabulary than a traditional dictionary does. It features a number of study tools, such as the ability to annotate, practise conjugations, view inflections and listen to pronunciation.
Can it be used on a smartphone?
Ordabok.is has been designed for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS and can therefore be used both on computers and smartphones. So yes, it's always in your pocket.
Is there a fee for using ordabok.is?
Yes, but the subscription rates are very moderate and everybody should be able to afford them. The Personal subscription, for example, is only SK 990 a year. And the Home subscription for 3 users is only SK 2,490 a year.
Does it run ads?
No, there are no ads, except in those cases where ordabok.is promotes its own products. The website strives to maintain a neat and quiet design.
The dictionaries
The dictionaries on this website are:
  • English-Icelandic-English dictionary: 350,000 headwords
  • Spelling dictionary: 80,000 headwords
  • Danish-Icelandic-Danish dictionary: 46,000 headwords
Select subscription plan
Click one of the boxes below to start a subscription:
Personal subscription
For 1 computer. Great for students.
12 months 990 SK
Home subscription
For homes and small companies, 3 computers.
12 months 2,490 SK
Company subscription
For companies with more than 3 users.
Price depends on licenses.


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